Jan. 22 – March 3: Email Service Upgrade

What: EWU Email Service Upgrade (Office 365)

When: January 22- March 1, 2013

Details:  Beginning January 22, 2013, OIT will begin migrating entire departments to our new email server. EWU OIT is moving all faculty/staff email from our onsite Exchange server to Microsoft Office 365. Like an internal Exchange server mailbox move, modern versions of Outlook (2007, 2010, 2011) auto-configure themselves when user mailboxes are moved to Microsoft Office 365. Older versions of Outlook will either need to be upgraded (Windows) or patched with Web Services (Apple). This email solution will allow access to EWU campus email from any device as well as increase your storage limit by a factor of 5. Your IT Pro will visit you before the migration if your software needs to be upgraded.

Where Do I Find Information About The EWU Email Services Upgrade?

Information about the upgrade has been prepared to help answer many of your questions. For information about this upgrade, a list of frequently asked questions and to view the migration schedule, please visit the following links:


  • Email will be moved to Office 365.
  • You will be able to continue to use your email while your mailbox is migrated.
  • Storage limits will be increased from 1GB per person to 5GB per person.
  • Outlook/Entourage will be automatically reconfigured.
  • You may receive a message about a shared calendar being moved; select “allow” and “always remember my response” to suppress this message.
  • Email may be slightly slower for the first hour of use while the offline data store is created on your local machine.  This behavior is normal.
  • On your department’s migration day, voicemail will only be available via the phone handset for a short time.
  • Department (shared) mailboxes will be migrated the same time that the department is migrated.  If you have a department mailbox and would like to ensure that it is migrated at the same time, please contact the OIT Help Desk.
  • Older versions of email programs will need to be manually reconfigured.
  • Smartphones/Tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) will need to be manually reconfigured.
  • Your mailbox move is complete when you receive a popup message indicating the following:  “The Microsoft Exchange Administrator has made a change that requires you quit and restart Outlook.”  Simply close Outlook and then open Outlook again.

For additional information concerning the configuration of your email client (including smartphones), visit the following link WHD #1843

As always, please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions at http://helpdesk.ewu.edu or helpdesk@ewu.edu.  Call the Help Desk at x2247 for emergencies. Updates to this service upgrade will be available by visiting the OIT web page.