Exercise Science Club Dominates at Western Conference

Seven students from the EWU Exercise Science Club recently returned from 2013 Western Society for Kinesiology and Wellness conference in Reno, Nev. Those students bought home six awards from three different categories.

“It’s worth noting that EWU was one of only two schools with winners in every category,” said Nate Lawton, the club’s advisor. “Every student who attended the conference represented EWU very well. I am extremely proud of all of them, and I look forward to continued success.”

According to organization’s website, the Western Society for Kinesiology and Wellness (WSKW) conference attracts leading professionals in the fields of kinesiology, wellness, health and fitness, and coaching. It offers all participants the opportunity to learn about and present scholarship, while developing strong professional relationships in a personal atmosphere.

Lawton estimates 140 students from at least 10 schools from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and California competed at the conference, with representatives from as far away as Thailand, Korea and Saudi Arabia in attendance.

“WSKW was a big deal for the Exercise Science Club. Conference attendance has been a major focus of the club over the last few years, and this time around, they were rock stars,” said Lawton. “The awards were a recognition of the great work our students are doing and a tribute to their commitment to professional development. Our membership numbers have more than doubled this year, and our success at WSKW indicates that we are on the right track.”

For students, the positive experience reaffirms their choice in study and helps guide them as they prepare to transition into the working world. “Attending conferences like WSKW and northwest ACSM last year helped solidify my understanding of professional development and apply knowledge and skills I picked up in the classroom,” said Sean Everett, vice president for the Exercise Science Club.

“An awesome experience like this reaffirms my passion for research, and my field in general,” added Jenn Kumanchik, president for the Graduate Exercise Science Club.

Award winners include:

R.D. Peavy writing excellence Award (Original Research)

Anastacia Lee (Undergraduate)
Jenn Kumnchik (Graduate)

Rob Carlson Literature Review Award (Literature Reviews)

Annika Vahk (Graduate)

W.M. Silvers Critique of the Literature Award (Research Critique Abstracts)

Gavin McBride (Undergraduate)
Sean Everett (Undergraduate)
Anastacia Lee (Undergraduate)