March 1, 2015

Fall 2011 PLUS Group Schedule Available!

The Fall 2011 PLUS Group schedule is now available online.

PLUS creates and designs discipline specific collaborative study groups with an environment of active learning. In each study group, PLUS emphasizes small group settings and hands-on experiences, utilizing upper-level students as facilitators for group process and structure.

Through this route of learning, students will…

  • engage as active participants
  • become unified in a community of learners
  • will further realize and cultivate their own critical thinking skills and course knowledge
  • will recognize a network of peers as they continue on in their college career
  • These study groups are especially helpful for those individuals who want to improve their grades, prefer a relaxed noncompetitive learning experience, are motivated, and want a structured time for study.

How the program works:

  • Students attend frequently scheduled collaborative learning sessions with other students from their class.
  • Facilitators model good study strategies and learning behavior.
  • Students improve grades by increasing study and learning efficiency.
  • PLUS provides a social basis for future contact with individuals of the same discipline.
  • PLUS provides a foundation for success in all future classes.

PLUS works!

  • 3,780 students have been involved in the PLUS program since it was established.
  • 86% of the students who have participated in PLUS have passed their class with a 2.0 or above class grade.

For more information about PLUS Groups and other PLUS programs like e-Tutoring and 1-on-1 tutoring, visit the Academic Success Center website.

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