It’s a Great Time to be an Eagle!


By Brian Lynn ’98 When high school seniors graduate, leave home and embark upon their Eastern Washington University experience, they begin a critical time of change, a period when they will mature both physically and mentally, and when their belief systems will begin to form the foundation of their identities for decades. And with them throughout those identity-creating years is the whole … [Read more...]

Building Success – One City at a Time


Reflections on my college roommate By Kandi Carper The first time I met Katy Swanson we were moving into our dorm room on the fifth floor of Morrison Hall. It was September 1973. I couldn’t Google her, or check her out on Facebook. The only thing I knew about my future roommate was that she was from Oak Harbor, Wash., wherever that was. Katy was the perfect roommate. She didn’t snore … [Read more...]

The Life of the Wild, Full-Grown Leopard


By Barrett Pryce ’08 There is a grisly image you may remember from your surfings of the Internet, of a man being scalped by a leopard in India. This is a nightmarish photo of a big cat attack, an image so violent it is near comical. In the picture, the man’s scalp is flapping from his head, as if the wind was gently lifting a toupee. The leopard, coiled at his waistline, is swiping for his … [Read more...]

Funny Man


Brad Upton Brings Laughter to Audiences Around the Globe By Brandon Hansen ’08 When comedian and EWU graduate Brad Upton began his career as a stand-up comedian in the ’80s, he would sit backstage during a comedy competition and his background in running the hurdles for the Eagles would kick in. “I was in several competitions and one thing I noticed was how much the mental aspect of … [Read more...]

Lifelong Bonds


The Brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha Stay Connected By Bailey Wolff '10 Nearly 45 years ago, when Dave Zack’s mother and sister dragged him to Eastern for an interview with the dean of Admissions, he had no idea it would be a turning point in his life. “My 1.5 high school GPA wasn’t going to let me go to any college,” Zack said. “TheLiy took me to the meeting to keep me from becoming a … [Read more...]



By Jens Larson Today’s students turn to Pandora and iTunes, but before streaming and the digital download, EWU students had CDs. And cassettes. And 8-tracks. Or vinyl. And in the time-before-time, we had phonograph cylinders, which were invented just five years before EWU opened its doors in 1882. Technologies come and go, but good music lasts forever, which is why a spring concert at EWU … [Read more...]