From Lisa Poplawski, director of Alumni Advancement

license plates_1

When I was 17, my mom and dad surprised me with personalized license plates. I thought they were the BOMB! Nothing confusing or ridiculous (we have all seen those), simply,” YAEGER” (my maiden name). I loved these plates. They magically gave my car a unique personality. Of course, owning personalized plates isn’t for everyone. You need to be comfortable with random people starting up conversations at stoplights and in parking lots. And of course, if you own an Eastern plate, you become an agent for Eagle pride and therefore, must be the driver that ... MORE

From Lisa Poplawski, director Alumni Advancement

Larry Miller '68, Jake Miller '15, and Lisa Poplawski, '01, '94

This year, my son, Colton, entered his junior year in high school. Having now completed the right-of-passage experience of earning a driver’s license and driving on his own, this year will be filled with more events that will shape his future: upperclassman leadership opportunities at school, first wave of college preparatory tests and college visits. Since I am first-generation student/alum, he is my long-awaited opportunity to create a family legacy at Eastern. Although I will beam with serious mama pride wherever he goes (especially if on a fat ... MORE

From Lisa Poplawski, director Alumni Advancement

Selphie final thoughts

One of my friends has placed an unflattering label on me: “tech challenged.” He has even gone so far as to put me on “technology probation” because of the help sought during a computer conundrum or an iPhone mystery.  Although name calling is a bit much, I have to admit it is justified; I’ve been lazy when it comes to keeping up on my tech savviness. I am all about enabling others to help me. I wasn’t always that way. As a graphic communications major at Eastern, I was constantly on computers and in labs engaged in learning technology. Fortunately,  ... MORE

From Lisa Poplawski, director Alumni Advancement

Lisa Poplawski and Jen Kerns

This past October, I had the privilege of spending an afternoon in Issaquah, Wash., with 10 lovely women bound together in friendship as Tawanka alumni. If you’re not familiar with this group, in 1926, the Tawanka women’s club was formed by Dora Lewis, home economics teacher and one-time dean of women. The members, who were dedicated in helping at campus events and engaging in special projects, served Eastern and our community for 34 years until 1960. Although the club is no longer in existence, these days the Tawanka women come together at least once ... MORE

From Lisa Poplawski, director Alumni Advancement

Lisa Poplawski and Gina Campbell

General George S. Patton once said: “Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.” He didn’t actually say it to me, but he really did say it. I took the advice of George this summer and competed (and completed) the Seattle to Portland Bike Classic. It was 202 miles of bike riding over two days. It was a challenge!  And, yes, it was also a very exhilarating moment when I crossed the finish line in Portland after two big days sitting on that little seat. The second day of my ride I proudly wore my EWU cycling jersey because I ... MORE

From Lisa Poplawski, director Alumni Advancement


Have you ever wondered why people go out of their way for a cup of coffee at their favorite café when there is perfectly good coffee around the corner? What about those who invest significant money to see a live concert when they can listen to the same music in the comfort of their living room? And what about camping? Why do people spend a week preparing to sleep on the ground, not shower and essentially rough it when they could be at home enjoying running water? In the book, The Experience Economy, Pine and Gilmore argue that it is the value that the ... MORE