Helen’s History


In the mid-1960s, Helen Odell Dewey typed 28 pages from diaries she kept throughout her life. Helen was a student at Cheney Normal School during, and after, World War I. As we approach the 100th anniversary of WWI, Helen gives us a glimpse into life on the Cheney campus and her early years as a teacher. Helen’s mention of “Dad” refers to Leslie Hamilton Dewey, who courted her in Cheney and she later married.   Excerpts from Helen Odell Dewey’s diary: I was born April 2, 1896, in the farm home of my grandparents, William and Harriet Graham, ... MORE

The Life of the Wild, Full-Grown Leopard


By Barrett Pryce ’08 There is a grisly image you may remember from your surfings of the Internet, of a man being scalped by a leopard in India. This is a nightmarish photo of a big cat attack, an image so violent it is near comical. In the picture, the man’s scalp is flapping from his head, as if the wind was gently lifting a toupee. The leopard, coiled at his waistline, is swiping for his face, teeth shining brightly, looking as wild and mean as a brakeless locomotive. Naturally, the man has withered to repel the attack. Guarding his face, the wig ... MORE