Celebrate Our Veterans- November 2-16th at JFK

On November 11th we celebrate Veteran’s Day and honor those who have served our country. We remember fallen heroes, and keep in our prayers those who are still in harm’s way.

From November 2nd – 16th there will be a Veterans display in the JFK Library.  Please stop by and say thank you to a veteran by leaving a note, photo or personal message on the board.  Take a look at the selection of military history books and movies.  We will also have material from the Veterans Affairs office on contemporary issues that our military veterans are facing today as they transition back onto campus. Take a look at the selection of military history books and movies and see if there’s something that you would like to take home.

 Here at Eastern we have over 600 student veterans and countless faculty and staff who have served.  They bring leadership and life experiences to this University that are immeasurable.  To this group we salute you!

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