EWU Red Takes Bloomsday Corporate Cup – Again!

For 15 years in a row, the EWU Red team has captured the coveted Bloomsday Corporate Cup. Grant Smith and Jeff Corkill have been on EVERY EWU Red Corporate Cup team since the beginning of time, accounting for not just 15 wins in a row, but 21 overall wins total.  Jeff Rahn is not far behind.  Carl Combs has been on the team since 1997.  Scott Melville has been a team member for ‘many’ years but unfortunately was not eligible this year, so that’s where Dave Millet came into play.

Here’s the team’s amazing times for the 35th annual road running event, held on May 1, in Spokane:

  • Carl Coombs, IT specialist, soared through the 12 K (7.46 mile) course with a time of 41 minutes flat, placing 56th overall, out of 50,611 finishers. (age 45) 1,000 team points
  • Dave Millet, director, college advancement, 45:43 (age 48) 897 team points
  • Jeffrey Rahn, chemistry professor, 46:59 (age 52) 971 team points
  • Jeff Corkill, chemistry professor, 50:59 (age 67) 1,000 team points
  • Grant W. Smith, English professor,  1:00:47 (age 73) 970 team points

The team had the overall highest number of points with 2,971. The Corporate Cup competition is scored by dividing each Corporate Cup runner’s time into the winning time for his or her age bracket. For example, if the age bracket winner had a time of 50 minutes, and your runner had a time of 60 minutes, your runner’s score would be 833 points (50 divided by 60 – .83333, or 833 points). The three highest scores on each team are added together to determine the team score. The highest team score wins.

Seven teams, representing EWU, placed in the top 30 Corporate Cup Teams in our division of 600-1,299 employees.

Congratulations to:

#6 EWU- Foragers: Dawn Hawes, Ryan Ives, Dave LejaMeyer, Tim Szymanowski

#10 EWU-CBPA Flying Eagles: Bruce Davidson, Arsen Djatej, Dave Gorton, Dean Kiefer, Susan Megaard

#12 EWU- PEHR: Chris Cindric, Melissa Elfering, Jeff Kawaguchi, Carri Kreider, Robin Pickering

#13 EWU- Biopeds: Andrea Castillo, Theresa Hansen, Margaret O’Conner, Robin O’Quinn, John Shields

#19 EWU- Mathletes: Jackie Coomes, Mike Graham, Christian Hansen, Joe Novo

#23 EWU- Eagle Life: Patrick Harris, Laurel Kelly, Amy Sain, Kendra Selle

#30 EWU- Academic Support: Aaron Brown, Anna Brown, Theresa Davis, Rose Munson, Carmen Perez-Frayne

For a complete list of finishers and their times go to http://bloomsdayrun.org/

Other interesting facts:

Pictured left to right: Grant Smith, Jeff Rahn, Dave Millet and Carl Combs. (not pictured Jeff Corkill)