Spokane Transit: Changes to EWU, Riverpoint Campus

Effective January 15, 2012, the inbound 66 EWU/Cheney will no longer continue as the 29 SCC and riders who are continuing from Cheney to Riverpoint Campus will be required to connect to another bus at the Plaza. Changes to Route 68 schedule will also take place.

Question and Answer

1) Today I ride routes 29 and 66 on weekdays between Riverpoint and Cheney without changing buses. Will the trip take longer now that I have to change buses?

Answer: No. A timed connection between routes 29 and 66 will be retained on a half-hourly basis. Routes 26 and 28 also travel through the Riverpoint Campus on a combined 15-minute basis on Spokane Falls Blvd as another travel option, especially for those trips of the 66 that do not have a timed connection with Route 29.

2) Why is STA breaking the Route 29/66 interline?

Answer: To better utilize equipment to meet passenger demand with 60-foot articulated coaches. By separating the routes we can use our largest buses more consistently for trips to Cheney. When these two routes used the same bus, it tied up the 60’ coaches in town where the larger passenger capacity is not required.

3) Will the Route 66 schedule change?

Answer: Yes. For most of the day on weekdays, Route 66 will end at the EWU PUB. The same 15 minute service is still in place between the PUB and the downtown Spokane Plaza. Additionally, the EWU PUB will be served in both directions nights and weekends. These changes will be reflected in the printed timetable that will be available in early January. The new timetable will be reformatted to reduce confusion related to varying service levels when EWU is in session and out of regular session.

4) Will the Route 68 schedule change?

Answer: Yes. Route 68 will serve the PUB during the late morning/mid-day period because Route 66 will be ending at the PUB.

5) Will the Route 29 schedule change?

Answer: There will be no changes to scheduled departures or frequency; Route 29 will interline with Route 43 Lincoln\37th Ave instead of Route 66 Cheney EWU. However, as stated above, a passenger will still be able to make a connection with the Route 66 at the Plaza. This will be reflected on the printed timetable.

6) How will the schedule work when EWU is not in regular session?

Answer: Currently, Route 66 reverts to 30-minute frequency when school is not in session. This includes winter, spring and summer breaks as well as school holidays. During the route schedule period from January 15, 2012 until May 20, 2012, this reversion will not place. That is, buses will operate every 15 minutes on regular weekdays through this period, irrespective of the EWU school schedule. A new schedule will be published in May that will once again put weekday service levels at 30 minutes when EWU is not in session.