In the Spotlight: Samantha Armstrong

In the Spotlight is an opportunity for the campus community to get to know one another better. The goal is to build Eastern’s community by becoming familiar with the faces of faculty and staff members.

Date:  6/06/12

Name:  Samantha Armstrong

Title:  Advisor for Leadership Education

Department:  Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership

Number of years at Eastern: 1

Brief personal/professional description: I am in my seventh year working in the field of higher education administration and my sixth year of working with fraternities and sororities. I joined the Eastern team last June and am thrilled to have a position doing two of my favorite things; working with values-based organizations and designing leadership programs that engage all college students and serve as transformative experiences.

As a proud life-long member of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority and believer in the fraternal movement, I am dedicated to helping sustain and grow a vibrant and impactful sorority and fraternity community.

I hold a BA in Secondary Education (History) from Idaho State University, a BA in Business Administration from Idaho State University, an MEd in Student Affairs Administration from Western Washington University, and am in the final stages of completing my PhD in Higher Education from Washington State University.

My door is always open to students, colleagues, alumni and community members! To really make a university or a program successful, it takes a community approach and bringing different ideas to the table.

Favorite book:  This is a tough one – I read a lot.

            When I was a kid: The Trumpet of the Swan

           Currently: I cannot say enough good things about The Help

           Professionally: Fierce Conversations

Favorite movie: Goonies

Favorite restaurant: Latah Bistro or South Perry Pizza

Favorite quote: “Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway.” ~ Mary Kay Ash

Favorite vacation: Montana

Volunteer activities: I am known to regularly volunteer for the following organizations:

Association for Fraternal Leadership & Values – West Coast Coordinator of Awards and Assessment.

YMCA – I was a board member for the YMCA at WSU for a few years and I really believe in the mission and vision of the “Y.”

Awards received within the past five years: Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority Graduate Scholarship; WSU College of Education Graduate Scholarship

If I could do anything today I would: I want to say “take a nap.” When it is sunny out I usually want to be on the river, rafting or camping with friends and family.If it was just today – hop on a plane to New Zealand for an adventure.