Pearce Hall’s ‘Everyday Hero': Elvin Bermudez

During Homecoming Week 2012, students competed in team-challenge events with their living groups, clubs and organizations, or with a group of courageous friends. They competed in events that decorated and celebrated many great things at Eastern Washington University. A new challenge was introduced this year that asked students to look into our community and identify individuals who exemplify an Everyday Hero.  Being that our theme for Homecoming was SuperSwoop, it felt appropriate that we say ‘thank you’ to our superheroes in the community.  What will follow in the coming weeks are submissions of those who participated in the Everyday Hero Team Challenge.

Pearce Hall: Elvin Bermudez

Elvin Bermudez is the epitome of the word hero. As an Eastern Washington University Campus Police Officer, Bermudez deals with students on a daily basis. Not only does he use this position to keep students safe on and off campus, he uses his position to get better connected within each and every community here at EWU.

Officer Bermudez strives to be not the authority figure that everyone should fear, but the friend that they won’t be scared to come to. His pleasant demeanor and wholehearted laughter fills everyone in his surroundings with joy. Not only is officer Bermudez a hero for his duties as an EWU Police Officer, Bermudez is also a military veteran who put his life on the line for our country and all those who live in it. Having completed multiple tours overseas, Bermudez knows the importance of discipline, teamwork and, most of all, friendship. Officer Bermudez is not only a hero to Pearce Hall, but to the EWU community, the community of Cheney, Washington state and the United States of America.


  1. Gary Gasseling says

    It comes as no surprise that Corporal E (as we call him), is recognized by this honor. Way to go E!