Official Notice of Policy Changes

On November 16, 2012, the EWU Board of Trustees approved the policy changes shown below:

Background Checks, EWU Policy 401-03 – ADOPTED

Summary: This policy supersedes UGS Policy 590-040-100, Pre-Employment and Background Security Checks.  Significant changes include the addition of out-of-state background checks and credit history checks. Clarifies disclosure requirements and standards for use of background information; updates procedures.  These changes are needed to better support current organizational needs and to reflect related guidance of the EEOC.

Classified Transfer, EWU Policy 404-02 – ADOPTED

Summary: This policy revises and supersedes UGS Policy 690-020-020, Transfers, Lateral Movement, or Voluntary Demotion. This revision simplifies and combines procedures for applicable personnel actions.

Joint Statement on Rights and Freedoms of Students, UGS Policy 840-080 – REPEALED

Summary: This policy is obsolete. The majority of its provisions are covered by the Higher Education Act, FERPA, ASEWU policy, the Student Conduct Code, and the Washington Law Against Discrimination (RCW 49.60). Remaining provisions are not regulatory in nature.

Residence Hall Activity Fee, UGS Policy 840-200 – REPEALED

Summary: This policy is obsolete; its material provisions are covered by EWU Policy 202-04, University Fee Approval, the annual Fee Schedule, the Residence Hall Living Guide, and Student Housing Contracts.

AIDS, UGS Policy 200-040 – REPEALED

Summary: This policy is obsolete; its material provisions are covered by Washington State Law.

To view and comment on proposed policy actions, visit the policy management website.

Questions or comments? Email the Policy Administrator or call 359-6322.