Statewide Engagement for the School of Social Work

By joint agreement, Eastern Washington University, the University of Washington, and the Department of Social and Health Services have established an Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence to provide a comprehensive educational, training, and professional development system for the state’s child welfare workforce.

At EWU, the Alliance will be implemented by the CSBSSW School of Social Work. The Alliance is a groundbreaking collaborative that combines the education and research expertise of social-work programs from EWU, UW-Seattle, UW-Tacoma, the state agency for child welfare (DSHS Children’s Administration) and a public-private partnership (Partners for Our Children), all of which are committed to discovering and deploying innovative solutions to improve outcomes for children and families in our state.

We are designing a seamless, comprehensive training and professional development system based on research-informed knowledge and skills. Training begins during graduate education and follows social workers throughout their careers in child welfare. The training and professional development will be delivered through a mix of online sessions, webinars and in-person training. Eastern Washington University will play a key role in expanding the child welfare training infrastructure for social workers into Eastern Washington. The collaborative will target training for social workers, front line supervisors, managers, administrators, foster, adoptive, and relative caregivers, and other key community partners involved with the foster care system. The state’s Children’s Administration provides services to approximately 9,500 children in any given month, serving approximately 7,800 families. About 800 – 1,000 of those children receive services while living at home, and the rest receive services while in foster care.