Feb. 23: Save the Date – ‘McManus in Love’ at EWU

Get in the spirit of spring this winter with a performance of McManus in Love, a one-man comedy written by nationally renowned humor writer and Eastern Washington University Professor Emeritus Patrick F. McManus, and starring his indentured actor, Tim Behrens.

What: McManus in Love, Written by Patrick F. McManus

When: Feb. 23, doors open at 7 p.m., show starts at 7:30 p.m.

Where: Showalter Auditorium, EWU Campus

Tickets: $20 – All proceeds benefit EWU Scholarships

Register/RSVP: EWU Alumni Events

Information: Call Jane Noonan at 509.359.2227


“Love” follows the hilarious antics of the young Pat and his pal Crazy Eddie Muldoon, as they discover their fear of the dark is child’s play compared to their fear of GIRLS!

But something keeps them wondering about love, romance, marriage and what is this thing called dating anyway?  Over the course of the evening, they discover why your first date warps your personality forever!

Pick up personal grooming tips from the old woodsman, Rancid Crabtree, who takes a bath once every leap year – because he has this theory that a mixture of soap and water will eat holes in your protective crust. Learn dating moves from Cousin Buck, who grew up to be only slightly smarter than celery. Then follow Pat into the movie theatre on that first date with none other than Melba Peachbottom, the prettiest girl in the county.

Actor Tim Behrens portrays the one-man cast of 15 characters, including a bat, a bear, a bicycle, and an even stranger assortment of humans. “Love” is one in a repertoire of five McManus Comedies that have toured 23 states and Canada, in 1,100 performances to more than 450,000 people.

To learn more about The McManus Comedies visit www.mcmanusplays.com. To purchase tickets contact Jane Noonan at 509.359.2227 or visit EWU Alumni Events.