Bloomsday Corporate Cup Teams Forming

The annual Bloomsday run (12K through downtown Spokane with 40,000-plus participants) is May 5 this year, and it is time again to organize the Corporate Cup teams for EWU by Jan.31.

Usually, there is a place for everyone who is a full-time employee (30-plus hours/week) who wants to be on a team. However, the number of teams may be limited by a budget allocation. Each team member contributes a participation fee ($32.50 for individual entrants) as part of the $325 entry fee for each Corporate Cup team and its members.

You do NOT need to be a competitive runner. There will be two seeded teams. However, walkers and stroller pushers are truly welcome to join additional teams. The guiding philosophy is community spirit.

If you would like to participate and are a full-time employee, please notify Grant Smith < as soon as possible. Do NOT enter as an individual. To place you on a team and get all teams registered at the same time, he needs to know your name, address, email, home phone, date of birth, age as of May 5, gender, optimal finish time (or pace per mile), preferred singlet size and t-shirt size, the number of previous Bloomsday runs, and did you run it last year. Also, has your address, phone, or email changed since last year?

If you have questions, you may also contact Grant Smith at 509.359.6023,