Give Up Pocket Change 4 Scholarships

Annoying pocket change. One latte. Popcorn at a movie. A music download. “Give It Up 4 EWU Scholarships” fund drive asks EWU Bookstore shoppers to round up to the nearest dollar or give up just a little something to provide more scholarships for Eastern students.

The two-week fundraiser, Jan. 14-25, gives students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents a unique opportunity to make small donations that quickly add up to help students achieve big dreams.

In October’s Give It Up 4 EWU Scholarships drive in the Bookstore, generous shoppers donated nearly $900, and last winter, donations totaled more than $1,200.  The Bookstore and Alumni Advancement are asking the EWU community to reach a goal of $1,500 this month.

The Bookstore will help make that goal easier to reach Friday, Jan. 18.  “With your donation of $5 or more toward EWU Scholarships, the Bookstore will take $5 off your purchase of $20 or more,” said Bookstore Marketing Coordinator Lynn Grytdal.

More than 2,000 EWU students are receiving scholarships.  The need is growing every year to help deserving students who have strong GPAs while they work at low-paying jobs, cannot rely on parents for financial assistance, support their own families or carry other financial burdens. Scholarships prevent those burdens from becoming obstacles to acquiring a degree.

“Donors like you give students like me an opportunity pursue our dreams,” a dental hygiene student recently wrote in a thank-you letter. “This scholarship, which will help me pay for tuition and books, will permit me to achieve my goals and maintain a competitive GPA.”

When a Bookstore cashier asks, “Would you like to round up for EWU Scholarships?” your response will make a world of difference.