From the President: A Note on Campus Safety

Dear Campus Community:

Given the tragic events that unfolded Monday in Boston, our nation is again faced with a somber reminder of the threats to our way of life. During moments like this, we all stop and reflect on things that are important to us, including our own safety and well-being.

Although we like to think we are safe on a college campus, it is sometimes prudent to remind ourselves to be proactive and have an awareness of our environment.  As a community, we can also look out for each other by being aware of our surroundings at all times.  I feel it is also important to remind the EWU community of some of the emergency protocols and services offered by the university.

As you know, the EWU University Police conducts annual emergency response training right here on campus. The university’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan not only outlines how we would respond to an incident with the help of area law enforcement, but it is also continually reviewed by the administration. You can view the plan by visiting the University Police website at, which also contains safety and awareness reminders.

For those who might need special services, I want to also remind you the university offers counseling support assistance through our office of Counseling and Psychological Services.

In addition, Governor Inslee has requested flags remain at half-staff until close of business on Saturday, April 20.

Let us all keep the families and loved ones of those injured or killed in Boston in our thoughts.

Rodolfo Arévalo, PhD



  1. Francisco Navarro says

    Thank you president Arrevalo for your words of encouragement and unity. Our prayers are with Boston.