May 15: Schoolhouse Open for Tours

On Wednesday, May 15, from 12-1:30 p.m., the one-room schoolhouse on EWU’s campus will be open for visitors to tour. Valerie Schillinger in Graduate Education plans to have the schoolhouse open occasionally throughout the year.

“Visitors of all ages enjoy stopping in to see the beautifully refurbished schoolroom and its library,” she said. “School groups, clubs, retirement centers and classes book free tours to relive the one-room schoolhouse experience.”

The one-room schoolhouse was relocated to the EWU campus from Newport in August 2000. Children attended the school there from 1905-29.

From Professor Rita Seedorf’s book One Room Out West, which details the history of the school: The late Dr. Charles Miller (EWU Education Department) “felt a one-room schoolhouse on campus would stand as a testament to the university’s origin. According to Miller, “The historic significance of the one-room schoolhouse in building a democracy is a legacy that I had hoped to pass on to future teachers. It symbolizes our heritage of providing education for all citizens.”