Distinguished Service Awards: Call for Nominations

The Classified Staff Distinguished Service Award and the Administrative Exempt Distinguished Service Award are given in recognition of outstanding service to the university. The awards are given to those individuals whose service is generally acknowledged by the university community to be an exceptional contribution to the support and maintenance of the university’s programs, physical environment and service to the public. These awards, which include a check for $1,000, will be presented during the University Thanksgiving Dinner.

Any member of the Eastern Washington University community may make nominations for these awards. Nominations must be in writing and should not exceed 20 pages (including supporting documentation). In light of the nature of these awards, support for nominations must come from a broad cross-section of the university community and must include:

1.   A personal statement regarding the nominator’s reasons for making the nomination.
2.   The nominee’s current address.
3.   A full and complete description of the nominee’s history of service to the university with sufficient detail to identify the specific areas in which the nominee has made a special and unique contribution to the support, maintenance and enhancement of the university’s environment and services.
4.   A resume or personal history of the nominee.
5.   Letters of support from a broad cross-section of the university, including fellow employees, supervisors, students or others.

All nominations should be submitted in both paper and electronic formats to the University Medals and Awards Committee, 206 Showalter Hall, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington 99004. The electronic copy should be a single black and white PDF file emailed to Leslie Swannack at lswannack@ewu.edu. The Medals and Awards Committee will review all nominations and forward recommendations to the President.

If you have nominated a Classified Staff or Administrative Exempt employee within the past three years and would like to update the nomination, please send a new letter of nomination along with any new supplemental materials.

The deadline for nominations and supporting information is Monday, October 7, 2013.