June 30: Blackboard Ends as Canvas Migration Completes

Eastern Washington University is in the final stages of migrating from Blackboard to Canvas and we are down to the last month of life for Blackboard.  Please complete the download of all materials that you wish to save and/or transfer to Canvas by June 30, 2013, when access to EWU’s Blackboard server will be turned off.  Again, after June 30, you will no longer be able to access any materials on the Blackboard Server.

Here are a couple of options you might find useful :

  • If you no longer require a Blackboard course and the materials therein, please add the word “Delete” to the course name or send a list of those courses (please include the CourseID for identification purposes) to our Instructional Technology support group (elearningservices@ewu.edu). Not only will this help to clean the system and make the final stages a much more efficient process, but it should help you organize the courses on which you need to work.
  • For Blackboard courses that you know you would like to keep, but have not yet migrated to Canvas, we recommend that you make an Export or Archive.  You will want to save the resulting Zip files to your preferred storage location (local computer, Netstorage, Dropbox, etc.) and then use the “Delete” naming option as described above to allow the course to be removed from Blackboard. Instructions for renaming and archiving Blackboard courses can be found here: http://sites.ewu.edu/elearningservices/tools/blackboard/bb-for-instructors/.

NOTE: We will attempt to archive all remaining courses from Blackboard after public access has been disengaged; however, it is not recommended that you rely on this method as your sole backup for Blackboard materials.

For help with Canvas, including importing and copying materials, the Instructure Guides (http://guides.instructure.com/) are excellent and EWU specific help can be accessed at http://sites.ewu.edu/elearningservices/tools/canvas/. You may also contact us at elearningservices@ewu.edu for any canvas or migration questions.

While we have attempted to make this transition as stress-free as possible, we understand that these types of changes can be challenging.  We will continue to offer open group trainings, as well as department and individual consultations.  If you are interested in how to make this happen or to need to garner additional help, please contact us at elearningservices@ewu.edu – you may also contact Nick Brown (6607) or Jeff Healy (6776) directly.