EWU: Where Athletics Meets Academics

For the eighth year in a row, the Eastern Washington University men’s cross country team was honored with a Public Recognition Award, making them one of five Eastern teams with a perfect Academic Progress Rate of 1,000.

Joining the men’s cross country team on the prestigious list was the EWU women’s golf team, which garnered a Public Recognition Award for the second-consecutive year with a perfect multi-year rate of 1,000. Also having a perfect APR of 1,000 this year for the Eagles were women’s basketball, women’s cross country and women’s tennis.

EWU is one of the 61 schools recognized by the NCAA for winning public recognition awards for the past eight years in a row. The honor is given to teams with APRs in the top 10 percent in each sport.

“We are very proud of our student-athletes, coaches and staff for their diligence in making the pursuit of academic excellence the shared goal along with community involvement and athletic success,” said EWU Athletic Director Bill Chaves.

Eastern’s remaining nine varsity sports also fared well in the latest APR report, which was released Tuesday (June 11) by the NCAA. With exception of men’s cross country and women’s golf, who had no room for improvement, 10 of the EWU teams improved upon their APR from the 2012 report.

APR is an annual scorecard used by the NCAA to track the classroom performance of student-athletes on every Division I team. The score measures eligibility and retention each semester or quarter and provides a clear picture of the academic culture in each sport. The most recent APRs are multi-year rates based on scores from the 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 academic years.

Teams scoring below certain thresholds can face sanctions, such as scholarship losses and restrictions on practice. Eastern received no such sanctions, as all 14 varsity sports had scores above 930.

Eastern’s Sport-by-Sport Multi-Year APR Scores

Men’s Sports  
Cross County   1,000
Outdoor Track & Field   980
Indoor Track & Field   980
Tennis   953
Football   952
Basketball   939
Women’s Sports  
Golf   1,000
Tennis   1,000
Cross Country   1,000
Basketball   1,000
Volleyball   974
Soccer   974
Indoor Track & Field   959
Outdoor Track & Field   959