In the Spotlight: Ken Halpin

Name: Ken Halpin

Title: Associate Athletic Director – External Affairs

Department: Athletics

Number of years at Eastern: 2

Brief personal/professional description: Incredibly Lucky Husband and Overly-Proud Father of two. I love snow skiing with my oldest son and am looking forward to teaching my youngest to ski as well. The 2013/14 academic year is also the year I intend to complete my PhD in Education.

Favorite book: That is actually really difficult. It depends on who is asking. How about a top 5 in no particular order? (1) Linchpin by Seth Godin (2) Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (3) Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott (4) Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell (5) Good to Great by Jim Collins

Favorite movie: See favorite book.

Favorite restaurant: This is a hard one too… (1) The Flying Goat (2) Manito Tap House (3) The Elk (4) Rokko’s Teriyaki (5) Zentropa

Favorite quote:Well I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.” Michael Scott

Favorite vacation: Italy/Scotland/Ireland

Volunteer activities: I volunteer annually for a company called Emde Sports. They host endurance races throughout the Greater Spokane Area including running events, cycling events and triathlons. I also have volunteered for a company called Partners International raising money to build clean water systems in Third World Communities.

Awards received within the past five years: Hmmm… not much of an “Awards Receiver”.

If I could do anything today I would: Work on writing a book.