Commute Trip Reduction Survey

To help reduce air pollution, traffic congestion, and energy consumption, the state of Washington adopted the Commute Trip Reduction Law in 1991 and Revised in 2007. Eastern implemented our commute trip reduction program in 1994, as required by this law, to reduce the number of employees driving alone to work and to reduce the number of miles traveled to work.

As a part of the CTR law, the legislature requires each participating agency to conduct a mandatory survey of all employees every two years. The survey results assist in setting future goals for Eastern Washington University. The survey results also help us better understand our transportation habits and provide the Department of Transportation with data needed for state projections and program funding.

We are asking that you complete the short survey to capture your transportation habits for the week of Oct. 21-25, 2013. The survey will be open and available Oct. 28-Nov. 8, 2013. On Friday, Oct. 25, you will receive an email with additional instructions and the URL for the survey. By Nov. 8, 2013, please take the few minutes required to fill out the online survey.

The completion of the CTR Employee Questionnaire will allow us to meet the mandates of the law. Your cooperation is essential for EWU to meet our deadlines and goals. If you have questions regarding the survey or the Commute Trip Reduction Program, please contact LeeAnn Case, AVP Business and Auxiliary Services at or 359-6618.