Board of Trustees Town Hall Concerning Semester System

Over the last three years, Eastern Washington University has been in process of determining the benefits and potential detriments concerning changing from the quarter to semester system. At the last Board of Trustees meeting on September 27, 2013, the Board expressed their desire to hear from anyone who would like to address the topic. As a result, we scheduled a work session on November 8 on the Cheney campus, TAW 215 AB&C. This session is an opportunity for staff, faculty, and students to share their thoughts on the possible conversion.

Beginning at 9:30 a.m., the Board will hear white paper presentations from the Faculty Senate, the Associated Students, and the Administration. After the presentations, the Board will ask questions to each of the groups who have presented.

At approximately 1:15 p.m., the Board would like to hear remarks from you. Open comments can be presented at that time (register here), or they may be submitted in writing in advance via email to Due to time constraints, you are encouraged to submit statements in writing in advance of the meeting. Whether you speak at the open meeting or prefer to send in comments ahead of time, please be assured the Board will review all submissions.  We are interested in hearing your opinion on this matter.

Background information regarding Q2S is available on the public Share Point site: