Notice for Payroll Timesheet Approvals

Web time cutoff – Starting on Jan. 17, 2014, time sheet cutoff, online time sheet approval for supervisor will close at 7:30 a.m. the day following the 11 p.m. deadline for employee time sheet submittal. For supervisors of hourly employees this is critical to ensure timely payment to your employee.

Supervisors may set an earlier deadline for hourly employees to allow time for approval during your regular work schedule. If the approval cutoff time is missed, a signed copy of the time sheet must be submitted to the payroll office promptly for payment.

Please see “Paydays and Web Time Sheet Deadlines” on the payroll website for time sheet cutoff and paydays. This information may also be accessed on Eastern 24/7 – look for “Payroll Dates” tab.

Contact the payroll office at 359.2325 with any questions.