Dedication of the Barbara Shields Student Practice Lab

On March 7, 2014, Dean Vickie Shields and the faculty of the Department of Communication Studies surprised generous donor Barbara Shields with the dedication of a remodeled state-of-the-art classroom and media presentation practice lab, named in Shields’ honor, for communication studies students.

After a successful 34-year career with Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone, Shields fulfilled a lifetime dream by receiving her four-year degree, at the age of 62, from Eastern Washington University.

In 2008, she established two separate endowments for two undergraduate and two graduate scholarships in order to inspire and support other students to pursue their dreams.

The lab is a technologically enhanced audio-visual presentation and conference room where undergraduate and graduate students can become stronger, more proficient and more skilled communicators. Students will use the lab to prepare, practice, fine-tune, and receive peer and faculty feedback on their classroom and professional presentations.