New Travel System Announcement

Effective June 19, 2014

EWU Business and Finance’s Travel Accounting office announced the implementation the new Banner Travel & Expense Management system (TEMS) effective June 19. Access and use of the new system is currently limited to a select pilot group from the offices of the Controller, Business & Auxiliary Services, Campus Police, Student Financial Services, Budget Services and the College of Business and Public Administration.

Usage of TEMS by the pilot group will allow the project implementation team to assess the user experience and make any necessary modifications to existing business processes prior to implementation for other university personnel. A phased approach will be used to implement the system campus-wide beginning this fall and continuing over the ensuing months. Employees who are not part of the pilot group will continue to use the existing forms and processes until TEMS is implemented for their department.

TEMS provides an automated system that enables users to request travel authorization, travel advances and expense reimbursements, and submit travel expense reports. Supervisory and budget managers can review and approve the requests on-line. Additional features include automatic calculation of per diem expenses based on destination, electronic document transmittal and storage, and real-time visibility of the status of requests, approvals, and reimbursements.

For more information about the TEMS project please visit the Travel Accounting TEMS website or contact Norma Juarez, TEMS project communications lead.