Hello from Abomosu, Ghana! Well today is definitely hotter(humid) than in Accra. Before I went  to bed I was melting in sweat. Anyways, today our group separated into three  people per group. So I chose to be with Lexi and Reika(Japanese) to go to the clinics with. Our task was to go to a clinic and interview the villagers or nurses in the clinics. I had a fantastic time interviewing the villagers because we got to know each person and received honest answers in return. Questions we asked were about the borehole and how it has affected the water. I added my own question to one of the villager who was man of the house and asked “if he is satisfied with the life he has”, and he replied “yes”. I really cant believe he was satisfied but just made me think of how stupid we sound when we complain just a little bit or keep buying more “stuff”.After interviewing five people we went with the Nurse(in the middle next to me) to her neighborhood and met her friend. And I did not expect to have so much fun! I was a little outgoing like always but was able to really show my fun side such as dancing goofy and explaining marriage. I of course talked about my boyfriend(Rakim<3) and the ladies were excited to hear about him. I told them he’s black and they loved it more.  Later on, in the clinic we learned more about how medications are distributed and planned parenthood. I watched these two young ladies who did not look their age at all, they looked like they were fifteen years and tinier than me. They were there to get birth control which I thought was great and a huge improvement for Ghana.  One thing that surprised me was the nurse asked if I wanted to give the patient the shot..yeah they did! And of course I said no because I don’t want to end up hurting the patient or being responsible for something they did not want. I got to ask my own questions about what they think about planned parenthood and reasons for the kids.

Later tonight I got the greatest opportunity to play soccer(futbol) with some of the Ghanian villagers. I dressed up in my soccer clothing and went with the professors because the other girls were worn out. I wasnt surprised how well the boys played but I was impressed with the way the boys played equally together. Of course we got beat but it was so awesome to just play one of the most famous sport with some villagers.

Now I am pretty tired and waiting to eat dinner, I hope to go to another different clinic and have a great experience. Some of the other girls had a little traumatic experience at  a clinic with a pregnant women going through labor and I dont think I would be able to handle that.I called my mom tonight and got a little teary because I miss my family and boyfriend alot! Yet, i was crying because I started to begin to feel more for the people living here and waned to find a deeper meaning into their lives. Because I have struggled so much in past as a amputee and a orphan in my early years I feel a little for the kids. I have had such a huge desire to know where the villagers happiness comes from, kind of like me finding my spiritual side. I may not find the answer but I know im getting close and coming onto this trip helps me figure out that not knowing what makes other happy is ok. And happiness is something I know everyone tries to find but Im trying to understand what brought them to where they are now and where that smile comes from.

Wish I could be able to put pictures, sorry about that!

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