What freshmen want: Career Services

While you’re working on your application to EWU, think about this: 70 percent of students at public universities want career planning advice as freshmen.

Which is why you need to check out Career Services at Eastern Washington University. From day one, you can take advantage of one of EWU’s best resources. (You can even use it as an alumni, too!)

Here are just a few of the events Career Services puts on for EWU students—including many for freshmen.

  • Conversation Cafe. Not sure about your major? Wondering what your chances are of finding a job with a degree in philosophy or computer science or business? Perfect! Conversation Cafe is your chance to talk to students, professors and advisers about potential majors and careers in over 130 programs. Rumor has it it’s a no-holds-barred, ask-all-questions approach to getting information you might not find anywhere else.
  • The WorkIt! Career Conference.  Meet dozens of employers in your quest for jobs, internships, job shadowing and volunteer opportunities. And even though it sounds like it’s about modeling, it’s not. (Okay, okay, it’s a little bit about modeling: you should wear your business clothes.)
  • Partnership Preview. EWU and other area colleges fill an enormous mosh pit entire conference center with potential employers.
  • Networking and etiquette events. Four forks beside your plate at your lunch interview? Wondering if you should comment on your interviewer’s cute shoes? Networking and etiquette events are opportunities to practice the people skills and “soft” skills that help you stand out in a tough job market. Also, learn which fork is the best fork. (Hint: it’s the dessert fork. Dessert is delicious.)
  • Campus visits with employers. Meet real employers. Give them your real resume. Find a real internship, a real job and other real opportunities.
  • Mock interviews. Interview skills aren’t inherited. They’re learned, and this is one of those cases where practice really does make perfect.
And that’s just the first course of offerings from Career Services. (Don’t use the dessert fork for the first course!) Visit EWU’s Career Services to discover all of their special events and everyday opportunities.

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