Little Learner

Once again my niece amazes me! She is quite the little learner. As I mentioned in class she watches everything us adults do around the house. One day over my short break for Thanksgiving last week, I caught her watching my every move to change the channel to the TV. She was so amazed that I could pick up the remote and change to whatever her little heart desired to watch. After I got it on a specific Disney channel, she then took the remote and pointed at the screen. Waving the remote like a magic wand as if she was intending to change it. The tv did not budge to her enthusiastic request. She looked at me with disappointment and confusion wondering what she was doing wrong. I took her hand in mine, remote and all and made her little fingers push the channel up button. We did this together and she smiled so big as if she finally accomplished her life’s intent. LOL! She was astonished immediately and began pushing the channel button on the remote without me.

This is an example of Operant learning – Adele soaks up everything like a sponge and mimicks to the best of her ability to do activities on her own that she sees us around the house do so often. My little learner ­čÖé

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