My skills behind the wheel.

I have been driving since I was sixteen. For the most part I am a good driver (knock on wood) but i notice when I am driving and no cops are around my driving can seem a bit carless. I may go five over the speel limit when I don’ t see any cops around :P, I see a big difference in Spokane cops and cops in my hometown ( Moses lake). In Spokane they really seem like they have more important things to do rather than just pull someone over for a broken headlight or tail light or noiticing that I don’t have a front license plate, but in Moses Lake  I can get pulled over for a small thing such as this by just driving down the block. So on that note I do drive a lot more carefully while I am visiting my hometown, but in Spokane I drive a little more carelessly unless I’m passing by the red light camera. The stimulus control is that in my hometown or around cops my driving seems to get better, but when i notice no one is around my driving is more how should i put it, relaxed.

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