My Mini”me”

I have a 3 year old niece that is absolutly adorable. My family says that she is a lot like me. And her dad says that she tries to act like me and I never really noticed. He told me that she mimics when she is on her toy phone. When I talk on the phone with my boyfriend I always say I love you, and he said he heard her say that one day as she was on her toy phone. One day as I was babysitting her and my boyfriend called I wanted to see if she imitated me, so I pretended like I wasn’t paying attention to her. To my surprise she puts her head on her shoulder and is like “ok…ok…I love you. ok bye”. It was so funny. Now that I pay more attention to her behavior, I notice that sometimes she will follow me around and copy everything I do. Sometimes I play with her and do silly things because I know she is copying me. Then I turn around suddenly and scare her. I notice her imitating more and more when I am around her, she is hilarious!

“I’m sorry Mom”

About 7 years ago one Decmeber my family and I headed out to Mexico. This year I would be having my “quinceanera” (like a sweet sixteen only our culture celebrates our 15th birthday). My family and I were so excited adn had been planning this day for a while. The drive of course was about 3 days long so we get kind of tired and bored. Arriving to out little town in Mexico is always a huge excitement. As we arrived my uncle and my cousin (Ruby) came to our house on thier four-wheelers. My mother however told me not to ride the four wheeler until we had unpacked and had our house clean. So I began to unpack quickly. I then saw that my dad got on a four wheeler and decided I was going to as well. My cousin was outside and asked if I wanted to get on with her and just go for a ride around town. I knew I shouldn’t because my mom had told me not to, but I decided to go anyway, besides it wouldn’t be too long. So we were off. We went around the corner of the block and we came to an intersection where there was a brick fence on our left side and we were on the left side of the road. So Ruby slowed down to see if there were any vehicles coming. To our surprise there was a truck and it was way to close. To this day I do not remember the moment when the truck hit us. I don’t even remember getting scared it was like an instant blackout as soon as I saw the truck. Then, I woke up and I was on the other side of the intersection laying on my back on the rocky road. When I opened my eyes I remember there was like four people standing by my side asking me who my parents were and if I was ok. I didn’t really bother to answer questions, I was looking for my cousin. I spotted her standing fixing her hair (which is quite hilarious at a time like that), yelling  for our parents and running towards my house. The people in the truck that hit ut were really worried about me, the lady was crying hyterically because she thought they had ran me over and took my life. I was in shock I could not move or talk. I remember my dad and my uncle picking me up and putting me in our truck to take me to a clinic. I remember being in so much pain. I had hit my head so I had a huge bump on the back of my head, I got a huge scrape in my back and the right side of my hip. I began to cry and all I could say for the next four hours was “I’m sorry mom”. At the clinic they said I’d be fine but I needed to rest but not fall asleep and take pain meds. We then went to Ruby’s house and I was put on a bed and kept saying sorry to my mom and crying.

I will never forget this day and exactly how it happened. When we talk about it now we just laugh at how my cousin’s first reaction was to fix her hair. And how my sister ran towards me when I was on the floor then she began to faint as they put me in the truck and she was telling me to move so she could sit; even though I had just flew across the road and couldn’t move.


Towards the end of last school year, I began to do substituting as an educational assistante (EA) at the school district back home (Othello). I was able to sub on fridays since I didnt have any classes. There are three elementary schools in Othello. I was able to sub at all three schools and quickly saw that there was one major difference in one of them. This particular elementary (Hiawatha) had a unique punishment system they called “steps”.  When a kid misbehaved in any way whether in class or in the playground or in the cafeteria they were told what they were doing wrong and told to go to “step one”. Step one is where they seperate themselves from the activity at the current moment and stand by the wall or just stand somewhere away from the rest of the kids. After a while, (whatever the person that made them do step one decides) they were asked to tell why they were in step 1. If the student could say why then they could join the rest of the kids. If they couldnt answer the question, they were asked to think about it and then asked again. If the child was not ablet o answer the question sometimes the teacher or EA would tell the child why and then asked the child to answer the question again. If the child continued to misbehave they would get asked to do step 2 and step 3. They are the same as step 1. When the kids reach step 4 they had to call their parents and explain to them that they are in trouble and why they are in trouble. The students at this elementary knew these steps and I think for most this system was effective. For others, steps 1 and 2 were not a big deal, but knowing that they were getting close to callling their parents set some fear in them. This system was a bit unusual to me and I still don’t know how I feel about it. I think it is a good punishment system and whoever came up with it is a genious. However, I feel that not all the staff know how to use it effectively. I’m just glad they didn’t have this when I was in elementary. 🙂


My whole life I have been afraid of spiders. I think they are ugly, creepy, eight-legged creatures that don’t have a purpose. When they show up in places that they shouldn’t be, it is the worst feeling in the world. I had never had a horrible experience with spiders I just think they are gross and I hate that they can crawl around everywhere. As I got older my family and I started working on my fear of spiders. I could never even kill spiders. It was quite the seen when I saw one; I would jump and run and scream and sometimes even cry. (I know, how lame) However, little by little I was able to kill them when I saw them. They stilll creep me out but I got used to it.

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