The Negative Effects of Social Media Part 3 By Ha Nguyen

All of this makes me think that the media is hypocritical in a sense because they talk about how the rates of everything negative in teenagers are increasing and that they have been losing their inhibitions, yet the media itself is the cause of it. How could you spend so much money to produce literature that is poisoning the minds of our adolescents then turn around and wonder why there is so much corruption in this world? I say it is time to stop worrying about making millions and stop worrying about being famous and well known and start worrying about the effect you are having on other peoples lives. The media is using its power for evil upon the ones who have gotten them to their high point in the first place. Stop thinking about plans and programs to help the situation, it is time to extirpate this situation. How do you do that? The first thing that pops into mind is very simple; it is self-reflection. Think about what you have done and are going to do, and predict how it will impact others. Stop being selfish!

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