Campus Crusade for Christ

Organization: Campus Crusade for ChristLocation: Showalter 109Contact information: Carl Combs, 359-7980When: Wednesdays, 7 p.m.

Many new students have arrived for fall quarter, which also means lots of students looking for ways to get involved, make new friends and become part of something special.

There are multiple clubs on campus available that are anxious to expand their groups.

One is Campus Crusade for Christ.

If you are ever on campus late on Wednesday nights, you may hear singing and laughter echoing through the walls of Showalter Hall.

These sounds of joy are coming from the many students who have already begun to participate and take part in Crusade.

Campus Crusade for Christ is a sort of fellowship group that has been around for 23 years and is led by a group of students who thrive on engaging new students in the path of Christ.

While also embracing them with love and friendship.

Everything Crusade has to offer is full of genuine promises of a place one can go to relieve pain, find family and look for Jesus.

For those of you who may be interested and yet nervous to go, don’t be. Everyone is warmly welcomed at the door, you never sit by yourself and it’s guaranteed that you will leave knowing a new face.

The leaders also organize various fun social events and Bible studies allowing everyone to get more involved and comfortable with others around them.

Some of these events include fun retreats and ice skating, not to mention the gathering at Zip’s after fellowship every Wednesday.

“It’s an opportunity for everyone to connect with others and be surrounded by great friends that love you and are there for you,” said leader Jay Swanson. “It’s an honor to be a part of it and, well, it’s just pretty stinkin’ awesome.”

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