Nuclear women ignored by history, celebrated by lecturer Huttenmaier

By Abby Grytdal
Contributing Writer

On Wednesday, Nov. 2, Kathleen Huttenmaier, senior associate of the women’s and gender studies department at Eastern, discussed five women who made a sizable impact on the development of the  atomic bomb, particularly in the 1940s.

The women that Huttenmaier lectured about were Lise Meitner, Leona Woods, Maria Goeppert-Mayer, Natalie Michelle Govenski and Elizabeth Riddle Graves.

Meitner influence Otto Hahn and helped to confirm his work with nuclear fission, work for which he would later win a Nobel Prize.

Huttenmaier emphasized that though women were contributors to early nuclear development, men controlled the industry and were quick to criticize women and that many contributions from women are still overlooked.


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