Senior art exhibition displays artwork, talent

On April 27, graduating Bachelor of Fin Arts students will present their original work in their senior exhibition, titled “Jailbreak.”

The exhibit is a way for graduating BFA majors to present their ideas and material in addition to getting experience showcasing their work. The show’s title refers to the experience of graduating and being done with college.

“This show is put on by … those who are specialized in this [creative] endeavor,” said Matthew Wilcox, who will be presenting a set of toys entitled “Freakshow Circus.” He explained that the show is reserved for dedicated BFA students.

“We’re more specialized, and we have a lot more art. We take more [classes like] art history.”

“[The show] is kind of a generalization of all styles,” he said. “[It’s] whatever we’re interested in, … things we’re excited about.”

The artists have spent long hours preparing for the show. Tyreil Poosri, who developed a portfolio hosting site, has been working on his project since September. “The fall was research, and winter quarter and April I spent developing,” he said. “I’ve been staring at a computer screen for six to eight hours every day for the last month.

Guerilla advertising for "The Last Man" film promotion by Kathryn Sande

Poosri explained that he developed his site, called NESSST, after recognizing a need for Eastern students to showcase their work. Several artists already have work displayed on the site. During the exhibition, Poosri plans to have several monitors and tablets to allow visitors to experience the site and test out different resolutions.

“I’m still green to the web development industry,” he said. “I had some experience, but this has been challenging to figure out. It was a learning experience.”

“This year we’re trying to make the show as professional as possible,” said Jaime Sparr, whose mini comic series “Circles” will be on display. “The products we’re putting out there are really high quality.”

A still from Sparr's comic mini series "Circles." The exhibition will also feature a novel promotion, a flash-based puzzle/platformer game, pattern/surface design, branding, novelty toy packaging and web design and development. Photo courtesy of Jaime Sparr

Sparr explained that many of the students had to finance their own projects. “The professors helped with materials [and setup], but pretty much everything else that’s here has been paid for by the students,” she said. “[one artist] spent nearly a thousand dollars [to produce her work].”

Despite the difficulty of organizing the exhibition, the artists are confident that their work will be very well received. “[It’s] insanely stressful but it’s also incredibly rewarding to do this,” Sparr said. “The BFA’s pretty special.”
Wilcox agreed. “[We] want to create … something that looks fun and people will remember.

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