Brickhouse Deli: must try or must avoid?

I ordered a skinny brick No. 3: a turkey and cheese sandwich. I wasn’t particularly hungry and I wanted something simple, and that’s just what I got. A dry french bread roll with two slices of turkey and provolone cheese for $3.99.

The Brickhouse Deli recently opened in Brewster Hall in the space previously occupied by Tully's Coffee Shop. The eatery offers a variety of sandwich toppings for a variety of appetites, as well as bottled water, tea, energy drinks, sports drinks and prepackaged salads.

Prices range from $3.99 for Brickhouse Deli’s “skinny brick” to $5.99 for their “block” sandwiches. Beverage choices include bottled water, tea, energy drinks, juice and sports drinks. Prepackaged salads are also available.

The skinny brick is their light sandwich with no vegetablesand no sauce. Served on mediocre French bread with only meat and cheese, it is hardly worth $3.99. The block sandwiches are double meat or cheese and can be served on French bread or on organic wheat bread. Regular-sized sandwiches or “bricks” are just that: regular.

The sandwiches on the menu sound great, but if a person wants another kind of sauce or vegetable, adding it is not an option. What you see is what you get.

Erika Miller, a sophomore, was also disappointed in the lack of choices.

“My friends and I thought the sandwiches were very dry and not very different from Swoop’s. It would be nice to have some [variety] as well. There are no heated sandwiches or soups to go along with them. I feel like it’s inconvenient for them not having a lot of options. The atmosphere is really nice and chill, but the food isn’t worth it.”

However, another patron had a different opinion.

“I ordered the skinny brick No. 6 … salami, pepperoni and cheese. It was fantastic. I got two of them, actually,” said Braydon Smith, a sophomore.

Though there is a lack of choices at Brickhouse Deli, students are able to visit Swoop’s to build their own sandwiches and order soups or melts.

As far as convenience goes, Brickhouse Deli has the advantage, at least for residents of Brewster Hall. Brewster Hall is the only residential hall that has a full service dining location available to them from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Since it is quite a hike from Brewster to campus, having this location set up for those students makes things a little easier for them.

“Based on the university’s commitment to student service and community involvement, when the Tully’s Coffee Shop left the Brewster location, Dining [Services] was asked to look at options for the location,” said Dave McKay, director of Dining Services.

McKay said that after discussing restrictions that applied to the space, the Dining Services management team started researching service options.

“Dining [Services] considered service times and styles, affordability and nutrition in developing the Brickhouse Deli. We also wanted to keep the feel of the space in tune with the architecture that was in place. What we ended up with is a very comfortable sandwich shop that serves a straightforward sub sandwich with fresh baked bread from our campus bakery delivering satisfying flavor and at an affordable price.”

Though the ambience may be comfortable and the flooring and furniture are new at Dining Services’ Brickhouse Deli, the food leaves something to be desired.

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