Tomlinson’s ‘Original Weather’ exhibit: slideshow

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Anthropology museum unearthed: slideshow

Photos by Amy Meyer [slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157628933054349″]

The year is 2176 and there are still no flying cars

By Amy Meyer Editor-in-chief The year is 2176 and there are still no flying cars America won’t remain an idea and a way of life 400 years after her birth if she doesn’t invest in education along the way. She will merely be a country. In 2176, freedom now means living outside of jail […]

Dining services hours limited over Christmas break

For those of you who aren’t going home for the Holidays, finding a bite on campus is difficult. Dining Services break schedule is below. Dates and times in red are weekends. Baldy’s Closed until Tuesday, Jan. 3 Jan. 3-6 7:15 a.m. to 7 p.m. Jan. 7-8 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.   The Roost Dec. […]

Who is a trivia-savvy graduate student?

History buff makes the jump from pub competition to primetime, competes for top honors on JEOPARDY! The history department will have a new claim to fame on Nov. 28 when graduate student Clayton Hanson competes on JEOPARDY! Hanson, who is working for his master’s in public history, will be featured on the NBC show at […]

How does your transfer school compare in Math 103?

By Amy Meyer editor-in-chief While looking over differing Math 103 rates, consider the following factors as outlined from an email from Barbara Alvin, PhD., chair of the math department. She had the opportunity to look over results from Central Washington University, the Community Colleges of Spokane and EWU. She said: Different student bodies will bring […]

Embrace your inner Bempus: how students can achieve a brighter self

By Amy Meyer Editor-In-Chief It all started with an innocent mistake. The sentence originally read, “Campus Mall” and, several lines below, “wich will be.” After editing on our online word processing software or perhaps the work of a meddling spirit, the sentence read, “Cawich will bempus Mall.” When one of the copy editors found the […]

Students struggle with math at every institution

Pre-university level passing rates have many ups and downs By Amy Meyer, editor-in-chief Editor’s note: (10-12-11) PDF’s for these public records will be made available within the week. I will also show Green River, Wenatchee Valley, Yakima Valley and Big Bend community colleges’ results in a separate, but linked article. (10-14-11) PDF’s of the public […]

Psi Chi faculty of the year awarded

By Amy Meyer, editor-in-chief The Psi Chi welcome back barbecue was on Wednesday, Sept. 28. The barbecue was the setting for the faculty of the year award (2010-11), which the group usually awards in the spring. The recipient was Casey Lytle, who teaches psychology. He received the award amidst audience applause and barbecue smoke from […]

Technological resources provided campus wide.

Multiple computer labs regularly updated with latest software By Amy Meyer Editor-in-chief The Student TechFee has been $35 since 1999. In this time, the tech fee has not only improved equipment on campus, but also enabled students to familiarize themselves with technology before entering the professional world. What’s available now: Computers are available in […]

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