Ahead of the Curve

Jon Hammermeister – An expert in sports and performance psychology By Brad Brown At the highest level of professional competition, all athletes relentlessly search for ways to gain an edge over their opposition. Their ambition for success is equally preternatural as they train to the outer edges of physical capability. So what sets apart the perennial MLB All-Star from the struggling minor league prospect, both drafted in the same round in the same year? Is it simply talent? Luck? Sure, every circumstance is significantly affected by an ... MORE

2017 Alumni Awards

By Brad Brown Crowds of old friends, dressed in their evening finery with Champagne glasses in hand, gathered for the 2017 Alumni Awards Gala held on May 19 at the Spokane Convention Center to honor Eastern’s inspiring alumni. Alumni were nominated for the awards in December, and a committee selected winners in March. The committee is composed of past winners, EWU Alumni Association board members and campus community partners. JACK LUCAS ’77, Lifetime Achievement Award Since graduating in 1977, Jack Lucas has had a hard time turning down ... MORE

Rolling the Dice to Success

By Brad Brown When Nate Chatellier ’05, BS computer science, arrived in Houston on the first day of the widely popular PAX South gaming festival in January, the Kickstarter project he and his business partner launched to crowdfund their game Dice Throne had already surpassed its humble goal of $15,000 – all in less than 48 hours. Today, Dice Throne, has amassed over $187,000 in pledges from more than 3,650 backers in 45 countries. “This was way, way more than we expected,” said Chatellier. “We were selected to be a part of the Indie Showcase, ... MORE