Against All Odds

By Christine Tully Cristina Santana’s small stature and quiet, comforting manner are nearly lost in her sizable bulletproof vest. She roams the streets of Sunnyside, Washington, with her husband, Arturo, whose medium-sized build fits his T-shirt labeled U.S. Probation in large, yellow letters on his back. They walk with confidence among the streets of their hometown, often stopped by passersby for a quick hello. The Santanas' confidence and determination to beat their obstacles led them to where they are today – Cristina, a community corrections ... MORE

Couple Connects with Global Community

Story by Greg Cunningham '01 Nicaragua is a tropical paradise – unspoiled, safe and inexpensive – that is becoming a travel destination for savvy, sun-seeking North Americans. Being the second poorest country in Latin America, the leaders of Nicaragua think teaching English to its residents will help lift the country out of poverty. With her expanding influence in the English as a second language (ESL) community, Gina Mikel Petrie, an associate professor at Eastern Washington University, is becoming a highly-recognized force behind teaching ... MORE

2016 Alumni Awards

The sound of old friends reuniting, champagne glasses clinking and beautiful piano music filled the air at the 2016 Alumni Awards Gala May 20 at the Spokane Convention Center. More than 175 people attended the event to honor Eastern’s inspiring alumni. “Tonight, we are thrilled to be here recognizing some incredible individuals and one great organization,” Kelleye Heydon ’95, president elect of the EWU Alumni Association, said. “You will quickly learn that they are completely deserving of these awards.” Alumni were nominated for the awards in ... MORE

Polished, perfected and (soon-to-be) printed

The fall issue of Eastern magazine has been sent to the printers – it’s polished, perfected and will be printed within the next few weeks. It’ll land in your mailbox in September. Putting together this issue has been taking place since I started here nearly four months ago. I remember in my interview for this position, I asked the panel what their favorite part of EWU was – Kandi, the magazine’s editor, said she loved fall football games and opening the box of freshly printed magazines after months of work. After helping with the magazine, I can ... MORE

Photoshoots and Editing

Photoshoots and editing – these are my two favorite parts in the process of creating a publication. Why? Because I start to see our hard work come together. Last night our photographer, David Lane, and I went to Gina Mikel Petrie and Greg Cunningham’s house to take portraits of them for their upcoming story in the fall issue. Gina is an associate professor at EWU who has been a force behind teaching English at Escuela San Miguel in Cárdenas, Nicaragua. Greg is writing the story about his wife, Gina, while I’m writing a small feature about Greg – ... MORE

Sneak Peek: Greg Cunningham

One of the stories I’ve been managing for the upcoming Eastern magazine features Gina Mikel Petrie, PhD, who has worked with Escuela San Miguel in Nicaragua promoting English instruction. Gina’s husband, Greg Cunningham ’01, is writing the story. In a twist, I’m writing an “about the author” story on Greg, an alumnus and paralegal who works with immigrants to help them become citizens. Last Wednesday, I sat down to interview Greg over the phone, which happened to be my first interview for Eastern magazine. I was a little nervous, especially since ... MORE

Cocktail Culture

Yesterday, Kandi and I met with Renee Cebula, a cocktail historian and owner of Raising the Bar, to discuss additional features and content that could be added to her upcoming feature in Eastern Magazine. Renee runs Raising the Bar, where she sells vintage and badass barware in her adorable 1959 trailer. In addition to her business, Renee teaches classes on how to create cocktails. She is also an avid history buff, and is receiving her master’s in history this spring. The combination for Renee’s love of cocktails and history is a refreshing mixture ... MORE