Not Your Father’s Philosophy

By Kevin Decker, PhD Action figures? Check. Lightsaber? Check. Blu-ray copy of the latest J.J. Abrams film? Check. These are not the normal tools of the college instructor, much less what the average philosophy professor brings to class. But because I teach philosophy and popular culture at Eastern Washington University, I also have to carry things like graphic novels, DVDs, posters and cuddly toys to class with my course rosters and whiteboard markers. The academic study of popular media is new, but philosophy is old. In fact, philosophy is ... MORE

In the Winners’ Circle

By Kandi Carper '05 Sitting on a horse is as natural as breathing to Nikeela Black. She is equally comfortable in a courtroom arguing before the Idaho Supreme Court. Black is a jockey. She rides thoroughbreds and quarter horses at the Les Bois Park racetrack, near her home in Greenleaf, Idaho. The 30-year-old is also a partner in Arkoosh Law Offices in Boise, where she uses mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution to reach solutions for her family law clients. In 2014, of jockeys who rode more than 100 mounts, Black had ... MORE

Growing a Great Future

By Jeff Bunch ’88 While sustainability is a buzzword that is in vogue in a lot of business settings today, it is an ideal that has been in application for quite some time at Eastern Washington University. For decades, Eastern has been committed to living in harmony with the land around it. The pursuit of that principle makes sense. After all, the university is uniquely situated among some of the most diverse geography in the world – sitting at the confluence of the Palouse’s rich farmland and semi-arid channelized scablands. A book detailing ... MORE

A Toast to History

By Kandi Carper '05 Did you know that the Pilgrims’ landing at Plymouth Rock wasn’t planned? They stopped there because they were running out of beer. Well, because of that and other issues. Consumption of certain foods and beverages has helped shape American (and world) history for centuries–affecting societies and cultures; contributing to slavery, social injustice and even wars. EWU quarterly faculty Monica Stenzel '13, MA history, has found a way to put food on the history menu. Coffee, chocolate, sugar, rum and beer are sure to get the ... MORE

Super Collider

By Jeff Bunch '88 Physicist Kira Burt '11, BS physics, only dreamed that one day she’d be working at the largest, longest-running collaborative science experiment in the world. Yet that’s where she found herself the past couple of years, living in France and working in neighboring Switzerland on a series of cutting-edge experiments in the field of particle physics as part of an international team inside the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) underground “super collider.” Burt’s path has been an outlier, but it was put into motion ... MORE


Marshall Named Washington’s Poet Laureate By Jeff Bunch ’88 Tod Marshall (’92, MFA creative writing) isn't afraid of taking on passion projects to promote the arts, but his latest may be his most ambitious yet. Marshall has dedicated himself to organizations such as Humanities Washington, which honored him with its service award in 2015. It was only fitting that he was named the Washington State Poet Laureate for a two-year term that started Feb. 1. In April 2007, the Washington State Legislature passed a bill that recognized the value of ... MORE

2015 Alumni Awards

The annual EWU Alumni Awards Gala took place on May 30 at the Spokane Convention Center – highlighted by themes of service and community. The individual award nominees all reflected those values; through and through, the group members represent what it means to be an Eagle4Life. “Like the awards themselves tonight is about inspiration, hard work, sacrifice, service and commitment,” said Lisa Poplawski, Director of Alumni at Eastern. “Tonight we celebrate the individuals and organizations who reflect these values. We are so proud to call them ... MORE