Alumni Spotlights

The following alumni profiles first appeared in the College of Business and Public Administration's 50 Year Celebration special publication. Eastern magazine appreciates the college sharing these stories with us. Stay tuned, more to come next issue. Kathy Hale By Kandi Carper '05 Kathy Hale often asks, “What are you doing today that your future self will thank you for?” She knows that three years from now she’ll be thankful she earned her Certified Financial Planner (CFP) — an 80-topic study of the financial world with a 10-hour exam at the ... MORE

Manic or Not, Here I Come

By Abe Ferris '11 I would like to share some stories about my life and my twin brother Sam’s life with you on a subject I feel very passionate about – mental illness. In sharing my story, I hope to offer some personal insight on these complicated and misunderstood disorders. We are 68 years old now, but the battle to live and cope with an indescribable and, at times, formidable foe can be an impossible journey. My brother has Schizoaffective Disorder and I have Bipolar I Disorder. These are genetic in nature but have a strong link to ... MORE

A Tale of Teamwork: The ’74 National Wheelchair Games

By Isabelle Green '76 In June of 1974, the National Wheelchair Games were held at Eastern Washington State College in Cheney. The rapidly growing games had been held annually for 18 years, but this was the first time they had ever been held outside New York City. Co-directors Linda J. Bergesen '74, MA physical education, a graduate teaching assistant in therapeutic physical education, and Marion Soulek, EWSC assistant professor of recreation and park administration, were the driving force behind bringing the games to the campus. They campaigned ... MORE

Helen’s History

In the mid-1960s, Helen Odell Dewey typed 28 pages from diaries she kept throughout her life. Helen was a student at Cheney Normal School during, and after, World War I. As we approach the 100th anniversary of WWI, Helen gives us a glimpse into life on the Cheney campus and her early years as a teacher. Helen’s mention of “Dad” refers to Leslie Hamilton Dewey, who courted her in Cheney and she later married.   Excerpts from Helen Odell Dewey’s diary: I was born April 2, 1896, in the farm home of my grandparents, William and Harriet Graham, ... MORE

The Life of the Wild, Full-Grown Leopard

By Barrett Pryce ’08 There is a grisly image you may remember from your surfings of the Internet, of a man being scalped by a leopard in India. This is a nightmarish photo of a big cat attack, an image so violent it is near comical. In the picture, the man’s scalp is flapping from his head, as if the wind was gently lifting a toupee. The leopard, coiled at his waistline, is swiping for his face, teeth shining brightly, looking as wild and mean as a brakeless locomotive. Naturally, the man has withered to repel the attack. Guarding his face, the wig ... MORE