EWU Foundation Celebrates 40 Years of Giving

Success at Eastern Washington University is about giving our students chances to learn, grow, and dream big. Here, the playing field is leveled through scholarship opportunities and academic support, so that everyone gets the opportunity to succeed.

Preparing our students for the world beyond the classroom involves much more than textbooks. At Eastern, we excel at giving our graduates the skills and practical training critical to succeeding in today’s changing work environment.

Alumni and friends of the university are key to providing the much-needed support to ensure that Eastern students have the right tools and experience before they launch into the real world.  For more than four decades the Eastern Washington University Foundation has successfully managed your generous support, whether it be investments or donations.

The Foundation exists to support the university as it leads boldly into the future. By increasing awareness of, engagement in, and giving to Eastern, the EWU Foundation will open doors of opportunity for students, faculty, alumni, friends, the community and the region. The combination and coordination of communication, engagement and fundraising efforts are critical to the university’s success.

As we move forward, the Foundation continues its commitment and values its partnership with the university’s board of trustees and the university’s leadership team to identify funding needs, set priorities and maximize your generous support.

Through the efforts of the Foundation and your generous gifts, Eastern students like these have greatly benefited:

Isaiah Henderson, Trustees’ scholarship: Receiving this scholarship means that I have others that also believe in me to further my education. This scholarship will assist me tremendously in pursuing my goal of becoming an HR manager. Being selected also signifies that hard work pays off, and I will continue to strive for success. I am truly grateful and honored to be able to receive a scholarship from EWU, and I look forward to my future.


Ashley Benedict: The Rural American Scholarship helped me to afford the completion of my undergraduate degree in developmental psychology. This scholarship has further helped me to be accepted into the EdS School Psychology graduate program at Eastern Washington University in fall 2017. With the support of such wonderful scholarship opportunities, I can continue my academic journey. This will allow me to succeed as a school psychologist for a rural school district, allowing me to help shape the academic and life successes for students of all demographics. Thank you for the opportunity to continue my goals.


 Gabrielle Lucente: Through the Presidential Scholarship and the Daniel and Margaret Carper Foundation Scholarship, my undergraduate studies were greatly supported and allowed me to focus on my education. I also had the opportunity to pursue my aspiration of attending graduate school, and I will be attending Carleton University for my graduate degree in forensic psychology this fall. Additionally, through the Daniel and Margaret Carper Foundation, I had the amazing experience of meeting luminary scholars from many different academic fields. I got to explore Mongolian history, the beginnings, and ends of the universe, and the underestimated intelligence of chimpanzees, bonobos, and many other animals.

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