From Lisa Poplawski, director Alumni Advancement

Lewis Rathbun and Lisa Poplawski

One of my friends has placed an unflattering label on me: “tech challenged.” He has even gone so far as to put me on “technology probation” because of the help sought during a computer conundrum or an iPhone mystery.  Although name calling is a bit much, I have to admit it is justified; I’ve been lazy when it comes to keeping up on my tech savviness. I am all about enabling others to help me.

I wasn’t always that way. As a graphic communications major at Eastern, I was constantly on computers and in labs engaged in learning technology. Fortunately,  Lewis Rathbun always opened up the lab early for me. He must have recognized my “tendency” to slack a bit on the technology front early on.

As a senior, I remember one lab assignment where we had to take one of our computer design files, develop the file to film, create plates for the press and print on a press that was older than dirt. If it wasn’t for Tom Harlow, I don’t think the rest of the group would have pulled it off. Professor John Gosse knew that Tom carried us on his shoulders at the press. If I remember correctly, he wrestled with it for everyone that day.

Even though I can’t seem to move at geek-speed to keep up with all the technology advancements in the world, I am sure thankful for them. The only video phones imaginable when I was a kid were on The Jetsons! Now I FaceTime friends, store hundreds of family photos on my computer, check the weather forecast at my fingertips and wonder what an Eagle’s football or basketball game would be like without those cool video boards.

In celebration of graduating our most tech-savvy students so far, I am giving you a chance to show off your tech wizardry – or maybe your lack thereof.  Here is your technology assignment:

  1. Create a video that shows off your Eagle pride – no longer than 20 seconds.
  2. Use whatever fancy-schmancy editing tools you want, just keep them family friendly.
  3. I will post as many as possible on our EWU Alumni Facebook page.
  4. Deadline for entry is June 15. Email to

As an added bonus, prizes will be awarded for “most creative,” “video sent from the farthest location” and “technology probation.”  Winners will receive an Eagle spirit pack in the mail.

Speaking of technology, did you know you can read Eastern magazine online

(Hey, could someone come in my office and help figure out how to upload these videos? Or better yet, do it for me!)


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