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Loved the 2014 Winter Issue

The winter 2014 magazine is great! One of the best I can remember. I read it cover to cover. There were a few names that were familiar.

I must admit, as a grad of the 1960s, that I don’t think I would recognize anything on campus. I guess it is about time for a road trip to Cheney.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

’62 Janet Morrow Thompson
Santa Rosa, Calif.


Kenny Rogers (far right) with the First Edition.

Wow, your article on campus concerts brought the memories flooding back. I was the activities vice president of the student body at Eastern from September 1968 to June 1969, and several of the concerts mentioned were those I was responsible for booking.
Typically back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, if Eastern held a concert, it was related to Homecoming, and if we “went big” on that concert/entertainment, that really severely limited any other options during the year. And certainly there were circumstances when we successfully went big, as you can see from some of the pictures in your article from the early years.

The other path, admittedly a bit more risky, was to try to make great choices on current/emerging talent at far less expensive prices, and see if you could get lucky.

When Kenny Rogers and the First Edition came to Eastern, the band had only one hit, Just Dropped In, which reached #5 nationally – and that was it. We paid $1,750 for the entire group. The night of the concert they got fogged-in in San Francisco for two hours. They asked to reschedule but we had no ticket stubs and we said we’d wait as long as it took. They didn’t get to Eastern until almost 10 p.m. but they were met with a resoundingly positive roar. The first words out of Kenny Rogers’ mouth were, “Geez, who do you think we are, The Beatles?” It was a great concert. Later, Kenny Rogers’ concerts with Dolly Parton were said to have cost $750,000.

Deep Purple (pictured in your article) was later considered one of the pioneers of heavy metal and hard rock. Their single hit, Hush, hit #4 nationally. I think we got Deep Purple for $1,200 as a stop-off performance between other larger college dates (a tactic Eastern used often).

(Also pictured in your story) The Original Cast’s anti-war song, One Tin Soldier, became the anthem for anti-war demonstrations in 1969. It was their only major hit. At Eastern, they were one of the first performers in an experimental mini-concert series held monthly in a small venue on campus, an attempt to replicate the small club atmosphere. Ethel Ennis (pictured in your article) also performed that same year in the “club” setting.

And there you have it – what we called “Eastern After Hours” in the late 1960s. Great talent at prices we could (barely) afford.

 Rick Allen ’69,Tacoma, Wash.

I love the print edition of the magazine and look forward to every issue.

Some input on the EaglePalooza feature, which I really liked: You note that the Grateful Dead played on campus. The Grateful Dead never played in Cheney as far as I can tell. For historical accuracy, The Jerry Garcia Band played in Reese Court on Oct. 27, 1978. The band included Donna Jean and Keith Godchaux, who were both in the Grateful Dead at that time, but not the other guys. I believe the closest the Grateful Dead got to Cheney was when they played the Spokane Coliseum in June 1980.

I really support what you do and love that you keep us informed.

Mark Grey ’84,Yorba Linda, Calif.

Eagle Pride

I enjoy reading our alumni magazine and especially enjoy seeing many of the alumni holding the Eastern magazine as they travel throughout the world. My wife, Jeanne, and I just returned from a cruise that took us to England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway and the Shetland Islands.

I did not have a recent copy of Eastern magazine so I took along my Eastern ball cap. Several fellow cruise passengers asked about my loyalty to the Philadelphia Eagles football team, and I had fun explaining that my ball cap was from my college alma mater.

Again, thank you for the great magazine. It keeps me connected with Eastern and other alumni!

Edmund (Ed) McLaughlin Jr. ’90, Kennewick, Wash.

Proud of Alumna

Laura Moulton with Streetbooks in Portland, Ore.

Fabulous article (in the fall issue of Eastern magazine) about an amazing EWU graduate, (Laura Moulton ’97), who is doing worthwhile endeavors with her degree and enthusiasm.

She is a model for us all!

Lynn Cannon ’77, Eugene, Ore.


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