Rolling the Dice to Success

Manny Trembley and Nate Chatellier

By Brad Brown

When Nate Chatellier ’05, BS computer science, arrived in Houston on the first day of the widely popular PAX South gaming festival in January, the Kickstarter project he and his business partner launched to crowdfund their game Dice Throne had already surpassed its humble goal of $15,000 – all in less than 48 hours.

Today, Dice Throne, has amassed over $187,000 in pledges from more than 3,650 backers in 45 countries.

“This was way, way more than we expected,” said Chatellier. “We were selected to be a part of the Indie Showcase, which was really huge. It was in all of the brochures, and we were in the center of the show with a huge banner overhead, and my business partner Manny’s artwork is absolutely brilliant.”

Beginning as a video game – Chatellier and his co-founder and creative director Manny Trembley’s forte – Dice Throne transitioned to a tactical dice-rolling tabletop game with colorful artwork and different heroes to choose from. The game can be played in single player or in teams with character styles that are “vastly different from one another” in 15- to 30-minute games.

Based out of Spokane, this is the first game Chatellier and Trembley have designed through their new company, Mind Bottling Games, with hopes of using their experience in video game and app development to expand a digital version if they acquire a big enough audience to warrant it.

Aside from his current venture with Dice Throne, Chatellier also works as a contract developer and designer for Niantic, the software company that created Pokemon Go with Nintendo.

The PAX South Indie Showcase winner Dice Throne is expected to be in the hands of its numerous backers by November.

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