Scoop on Swoop

Super-SwoopSwoop, the mascot for Eastern Washington University, is an ambassador and spirit leader for the university. His charming, high-spirited personality, entertaining dance moves and crazy antics have made him America’s Favorite Mascot. He’s immensely popular among children, EWU fans, alumni and students.


Swoop’s identity is a carefully guarded secret but here’s some info Swoop fans will love to know.


Name: Swoop

Position: Mascot, No. 0

Height: 6’

Weight: 200 lbs.

Birthday: Sept. 29, 1973

Hometown: Cheney, Washington

Favorite team: EWU Eagles (all sports)

10fbwaSwoop4032aFavorite EWU moment: winning the 2010 Football National Championship



  • In 1973, Eastern’s mascot became the Eagles. Shortly before that, the university’s board of trustees declared the “Savages” (the school’s mascot since 1923) unacceptable. Eagles are native to eastern Washington so it was a logical choice for a replacement.
  • 03atcaEagleMascotThe new mascot was originally known as Victor E. Eagle.
  • Swoop02mbcaEaglesCrowdIn the fall of 1999, the caricature of Swoop was given a single official look as opposed to 25 versions seen during the 1990s. Standards were developed with input from alumni, students, faculty and staff to establish an official design for the mascot.
  • In 2005, the eagle design was once again updated. Throughout the years, Swoop has had some work done. He looks more eagle-like and less chicken hawk-like. He appears much friendlier, too. Wherever he goes, Swoop now has a smile on his beak.
  • 05fbcaEagleThe suit weighs about 15 lbs. and the temperature inside is about 20 degrees warmer than outside the suit.
  • At the 2010 National Championship Football game in Frisco, Texas, Swoop’s rendition of the Dougie squashed Delaware’s Blue Hen in the pregame dance competition. The YouTube video, Swoop versus Youdee (final dance off, January ‘11), has more than 25,600 views!
  • The performers are EWU students who try out for the position and receive partial scholarships.Swoop 2
  • Swoop may be found at almost every EWU Athletic home game/match, along with appearances at EWU campus events, school assemblies, community engagements, etc. – totaling more than 100 appearances each year.
  • Like any celebrity, you can actually book Swoop for a guest appearance. Some exceptions apply, of course. Check it out:

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