Winter 2013 Letters

Mystery of Missing Photo Solved

I was very pleased and grateful to see one of my photos in the fall issue of Eastern magazine (page 15, Uriel, Erlinda, Martina and Pedro Iñiguez).

I took the photo for the admissions director at the time and he submitted it to The Spokesman-Review. The photo is of the Iñiguez family from 1987. I spent time working in the publications department, writing and taking a few photos, before taking classes myself to become a teacher.

I earned my second degree in 1989, and have been teaching for more than 20 years. My first degree was in communications with an emphasis in broadcast journalism. While I did not pursue a career in TV, I married someone who did. That brought me to Spokane when my wife, Trudi, got a job as a reporter and weekend weather anchor at KREM-TV.

I currently teach photography and publications at Henry M. Jackson High School in the Everett School District. I have taken numerous sports and political photos on the side.

Time moves on, but every once in a while you get to take a trip back. Thank you for such a wonderful feature on a remarkable family. I am honored to have had a small part in such a extraordinary story.

’89 Bill Trueit, Everett, Wash.

Editor’s note: The Spokesman-Review photo archivist spent a great deal of time trying to locate the original photo for us to use in Eastern magazine. The photo appeared in the newspaper in January 1987, but the original photo was nowhere to be found in the newspaper’s archives. Shortly after the article appeared in Eastern magazine, we received Bill’s letter and the mystery was solved.

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