Up Front with the President

EWU President Mary Cullinan

Dear alumni and friends,

Sometimes people ask me if I work in the summer. “Doesn’t Eastern pretty much shut down in July and August?” they’ll ask.

I remind them that almost 6,000 students take summer classes. More than 5,000 kids and people

of all ages come to campus for a variety of academic, athletic and cultural camps and other activities. And since our campuses operate year-round, the EWU staff – from business services to student support, from groundskeepers to IT professionals, from food service to electricians and plumbers – is working every day, no matter what month, to keep our university safe and functioning.

My calendar is as full in July as it is in November. But the summer days have a special excitement as we plan for the year to come.

Every autumn is a new start. New students move into the residence halls. New faculty and staff move here and get settled and organized for fall. This fall we will welcome many new faces, including Shari Clarke, PhD, founding vice president for Diversity and Inclusion, and Ahmad Tootoonchi, PhD, the new dean of Business and Public Administration. We will also be joined this fall by 35 new faculty members.

With your support and the contributions of so many outstanding faculty, staff, alumni and friends, EWU continues to thrive, transforming lives for thousands of students. The new academic year will be awesome. Thank you for all you do!

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