Winter 2013 Books and Music

If you are an Eastern alum or faculty member and have written a general interest book or have released a CD/digital music for sale and would like to have it considered for inclusion in Eastern magazine’s On the Shelf section, please send it, along with your contact information, to: Eastern magazine, 300 Showalter Hall, Cheney, WA 99004-2445.

Breaking the Code

Karen Fisher-Alaniz ’96, MEd, ’88 BA education

Our parents are our most unexplored mystery. Whether close or distant to us, we see them as “parent,” rarely knowing or thinking about the person that they are outside that role. So few of us get to discover that person inside, even if it may be just a question away.

Like many, Karen grew up with a father who was always there and yet always absent. As a little girl and then an adult, she talked to him, but they never really had a conversation. He’d told her stories of his childhood and of his time in the Navy, but she’d barely listened.

But on his 81st birthday, without explanation, her father placed two weathered notebooks on her lap, with more than 400 pages of letters he’d written to his parents during World War II. The more she read, the more she discovered about the man she never knew and the secret role he played in the war.

Thus began an unintended journey – one taken by a father and daughter who thought they knew each other, a journey of healing and discovery that started with a leap of faith.

Karen Alaniz is an author and writer, living in Walla Walla, Wash.


 Abiqua Live at Eastern

Edmond A. Bruneau ’75, BA journalism/RTV
Boston Books

This CD was recorded live in April 1974 by Ed Bruneau, who had been the editor for the Easterner, the student newspaper during the 1972-1973 school year. He decided to run for ASB president in 1974. His campaign platform included creating a non-profit student bookstore co-op to compete with the existing bookstore, reducing the cost of books and merchandize for the students.

He came up with a creative way to get his name and ideas noticed by providing a free concert at the Pence Union Building, featuring the band Abiqua. The concert consisted of cover interpretations from the Beatles, Carly Simon, Jethro Tull, Moody Blues and others, as well as some of Abiqua’s original material.

1974 was a pivotal year for Spokane and the rest of the country. The World’s Fair, Expo ’74 opened in May that year and the OPEC Oil Embargo ended and that August, President Nixon resigned in disgrace.

Abiqua’s concert was one of those moments in time that represent an era of change, hope and excitement. The 13-track, 75-minute album is available on CD and .mp3 download on and at

Bruneau is the owner of Creative Consultants in Spokane.

Butterfly Moon: Short Stories

Anita Endrezze  ’75,  MA English, ’73 BA education

Butterfly Moon is a collection of short stories based on folk tales from around the world. But the stories freely mingle fantasy and reality, witches and tricksters and everyday folks. Compellingly and poetically recounted, these enjoyably disturbing tales lead us to question what is real – and why reality matters.

Endrezze has deep memories. Her father was a Yaqui Indian. Her mother traced her heritage to Slovenia, Germany, Romania and Italy. And her stories seem to bubble up from this ancestral cauldron.

Endrezze is a poet, an artist and a writer. Her recent books include Breaking Edges (Red Bird Press, 2012), Throwing First at the Sun, Water at the Moon (University of Arizona Press, 2000) and At The Helm of Twilight (Broken Moon Press, 1992), which won the Bumbershoot/Weyerhaueser Award. She is the recipient of the Washington State Writers Award and a GAP award. Her work is in many anthologies and literary magazines around the world.

She lives in Everett, Wash., and is married with two children and works as a storyteller, artist and teacher. Endrezze teaches university courses and her work has been translated into seven languages, published in 10 countries. She has taken part in the Washington State Council for the Humanities Speakers’ Series.

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